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  • Timeline of Clocks and Watches
    Timeline of Clocks and Watches
    Being a watch fans, we need to know the timeline of the watch. This artical is to introduce the timeline of the watch and clock.
  • How Does a Clock Mechanism Work?
    How Does a Clock Mechanism Work?
    Devices for measuring and displaying time have started their life over 5500 years ago in ancient civilizations of Babylon and Egypt. From that point on, time started being measured with ever increasing accuracy, eventually leading us to the part of history when mechanical clocks and watches finally entered into our lives
  • Clock and Watch History
    Clock and Watch History
    With over 600 years of presence in our lives, clocks can be regarded as one of the oldest devices that were created by our ancestors in the birthplace of modern civilization – Babylon. By giving us the means to track time, build schedules and control the flow of our daily routine, clocks managed to forge the look modern civilization that we are living today.
  • Japanese Automatic Movement vs Swiss Automatic Movement
    Japanese Automatic Movement vs Swiss Automatic Movement
    As the heart and brain of our time keeping devices, watch movement is undoubtedly the most important part of our watches. The watch simply can’t work without this. They may be mechanical or through a combination of mechanical and electronic parts. Back in the day, many movements were mechanical and were quickly repaired by watchmakers with spare parts easily available.
  • Full grain leather VS top grain leather
    Full grain leather VS top grain leather
    When taking about the leather of the strap, we will think whether it is use full grain leather or top grain leather. This news is to introduce the difference of full grain leather and top grain leather.
  • What is quality watch?
    What is quality watch?
    A watch is something personal. Everyone has their own taste in design and style. Therefore, we do not want to say what a good or bad watch is, but what the signs of a quality watch are in general. And how these signs are easily identifiable. A little side note is that we are mainly looking at an affordable watch (up to € 600,-). Below is 5 tips for you to check a watch.